Essential Healthcare Career Training Improves Quality of Care and Provides Jobs

healthcare-workers-300x199For the foreseeable future, California’s health workforce is expected to require almost 450,000 new workers—mostly due to population growth and aging, but also due to expanded coverage under the Affordable Care Act. While physicians and other highly trained clinicians are critical to healthcare delivery, the majority of healthcare jobs are technical and support positions—referred to as the allied health workforce—which often require vocational certificates. Overall, about 40 percent of all healthcare jobs that need to be filled over the next decade will require expert training, but not a college degree.

Job growth is projected across all areas of the health workforce. Employment is projected to grow faster than overall state employment. The highest job growth—in both number and rate—is expected in healthcare support occupations, already the largest subgroup of allied healthcare professionals. More than a third of new jobs in health will be in healthcare support roles, and about a quarter will be in technical allied healthcare occupations, such as Pharmacy Technician and Clinical Medical Assistant.

The Learning Oasis supports California Community Colleges and Adult Education Centers, and has teamed up with local employers in those areas to coordinate training that will not only help to fill the workforce gap, but to provide training using a learner-centered approach. These programs are designed to provide fast-paced training to prepare students for the healthcare workforce. Programs are conveniently offered with schedules designed for busy adults. Students will experience hands-on training experiences at a local pharmacy or doctor’s office.

“The healthcare workforce is important to the state’s economy,” said Dana Bernard, RN and CEO of The Learning Oasis. “With flexible and affordable programs like these the state can meet its healthcare needs and provide opportunities to Californians of all backgrounds for good jobs with good wages.”

To introduce these new training opportunities, FREE information sessions are being offered at Community Colleges and Adult Education Centers around the state. Those interested can also participate in online information sessions, from their home or work. These information sessions will allow prospective students interested in these new training programs to find out more.  The free information sessions are available to anyone looking to learn more about opportunities in healthcare careers, inquire about pre-requisites, (most programs require 18 years + and a high school diploma or equivalent), find out about program cost, payment plans and to ask questions and get answers. Register by visiting our website today!




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