Just Do It!

I don’t know about you, but in my head I keep an ever-evolving checklist of the things I want to do with my life – a series of places I want to see, experiences I want to have, skills I want to acquire before I am too old to enjoy them. It contains bank-account busters like a year-long world cruise ( I keep a drool-worthy board on Pinterest), but also affordable fun such as hiking all of the major mountains in California.


The biggest thing I’ve learned about my checklist is that given the vagaries of health and life, I shouldnt dawdle. So when I was in India on business recently and got an opportunity to see the Taj Mahal, I went even though I was traveling alone and somewhat concerned about my safety. My reward: a truly amazing day trip that immersed me into a completely new culture that gave me an entirely new outlook on life.

My latest adventure began when I left my traditional corporate job to start and run a non-profit to provide resources, training and coaching for women. I’ve always been one to help others but this is my really big idea to give back. I hope the end result will be a wonderful legacy of education and support that will make me proud.

Life is too short and far too precious to waste time going through the safe motions that distract us from what will really bring us joy.  The leap you take can be big, or it can be a small or it can be somewhere in the middle. It can be the fear of quitting your 9–5 job to finally pursue your love affair with the culinary arts.  Or running the marathon that you’re too afraid to try. Or starting the business you’ve always dreamed of. Or it can very well be finally overcoming your fear of stage fright at Monday Karaoke night for your love of singing. In our current world where stimulated ideas, new opportunities and innovative minds are so openly welcomed, oftentimes the biggest thing standing in the way is ourselves.

Take the leap of faith in yourself, or someone else for that matter.  Go back to school or even an online school, finally start your blog or accomplish the resolutions that have been making cameos on your New Year’s list for the past five years running. At the end of it all we all have two life lists: All the things we actually did.  And all the things we wish happened. Focus on building the first list, starting right here and now.

So consider this blog your call to action. I hope you will enjoy my ramblings, both in writing and on the ground – and start checking off entries on your own life list. I’d love to hear more about the leap you want to take or have taken on our Facebook page.

Have a great rest of the day!


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